Old Dacca in New Dhaka.
Puran Dacca Restaurant presents authentic Dhakaiya cuisine in modern Dhaka. Situated in the heart of Banani, we are not only serving delicious food but also highlighting the tradition and history of 400 years old ancient Dhaka City.
Established in March 2013, Puran Dacca Restaurant became one of the most sought out restaurant in Dhaka city for it's food quality, taste and unique Old Dhaka thematic d├ęcor.

For your utmost eating experience, we always maintain high quality in preparing (we prepare food after placement of your order) and serving food along with homely environment. In addition with Old Dhaka cuisines, we also serve delicious Kebab, Desserts and Drinks for food lovers. Beside that, thinking of our guest's choice & demand in mind, we also serves Indian and Chinese cuisine.
You can host your small event, party, get-together etc here, as we can accommodate up-to 100 guests at our premises. Along with our regular items, we can serve Indian, Thai, Chinese & Continental as par your requirement.
Apart from in-house services, we also do outside catering. We serve different cuisines (Bangla, Indian, Thai, Chinese & Continental) at Wedding, Reception, Birthday, House Party, Get-together, AGM, Workshop, Training, Meetings and so on. Based on client's requirements, we also provide lunch-box as well as daily corporate food supplies with our own setup.
To keep our guests convenience in mind, we also do home delivery from our restaurant.

With your support & love, we would like to setup our branch in different locations in Dhaka city and eventually we would like to spread different divisions of Bangladesh. In-sha-Allah, one day we will cross the border with our Dhakaiya cuisine to serve food in foreign soul.